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Frostscald Records ‎– FS05
Into The Ardor Of Spirit
With Razorblade Of Strighforward Stare
Met Asgardsrei Blod
Rusmjod Av Misantropie
To The Ravenwinged Winds
Din Alltidvandring Stemme
Horrid Storms (Bonus)
ᚨ·ᚱ II
1. Cascadia
2. Ignifer
3. Old Roots
4. Translucent Stones
5. Twelve Miles to Live
6. Into the Woods of Oblivion
7. Northern Wind
Analög Ragnarök ‎– ᚨ·ᚱ I
Der Schwarze Tod ‎– tod48
1. As A Shade Above This Land
2. The Flames And The Ash Before Horizons Opened Wide
3. ...Crimson In The Drowning...
4. Enburnst The Christian
5. Above The Raging Sea - Ratiyar
6. As A Shade Above This Land
7. Winterhowl
8. CryWind
Der Schwarze Tod ‎– COD music
1. Abyss Inside
2. A Whirlwind Of A Thousand Blades
3. Granting Death
4. Raven's Feather, Wolf's Fang
5. Scorching Storm
6. The Feast of Decayed Souls
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