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Darker Than Black ‎– DTB 208, Der Schwarze Tod ‎– tod01lp
"Forest" 1996 Studio Album
A1 Тенью Над Землёй
A2 Тлен И Огонь Пред Далью Открытой
A3 ...Багряный В Утопании...
A4 Enburnst The Christian
"Forest" 1994 Rehearsal Demo
B1 Над Пенным Морем Ратияром
B2 Тенью Над Землёй
C Winterhowl
D ВетерВой
DTB 459
A1 Se Non Ci Conoscete
A2 Sangue Fede
A3 Memento
A4 Tempo di Uomini
B1 30 Mesi
B2 Io
B3 Varcare
NECRO 003 / VORG 016
Side Pagan:
A1 –Archandrja Pagan Eternity
A2 –Venedae Dziady (Ancestor's Shadows)
A3 –Hatenwar Wolferian Ghosts
A4 –Woods Of North Przebudzenie... (Awakening...)
A5 –Strzygon (2) Pomeranian Pagan Spirit
A6 –Zcerneboh Melancholy Of Misanthropic Being
Side Darkness
B1 –Wilczy Demon Shades Of Wolfmoon
B2 –Skogen (4) Posłannicy Śmierci (Messengers Of Death)
B3 –Faustian Funeral A Golden Glow Above The Graves
B4 –Necrostrigis The Crypt Of Cadaverous Ghosts
B5 –Ciemności Part II
B6 –Cryptal Spectres Chalice Of Black Blood
Omen 32
1 Zrodzony Z Ognia I Lodu
2 Matka Zima
3 Gdzie Bogowie Są Jak Bracia I Siostry
4 Świt bogów zmierzch bogów I
5 Kajdany Zniewolenia
6 Świt bogów zmierzch bogów II
Omen 31
1 Aliens - Contact With High Intelligence
2 Ice In My Heart
3 Epsilon Civilization 2013
4 Spirit Of Unknown Being
5 To Wisdom Coming From The Cosmic Space
6 In Harmony With The Universe
7 New York - Miami
8 H.H.G. (The Scientific Research)
9 Lotus Eaters
10 My Own God
11 In Fear Of Nonentity
12 Remembrance Of Dying Planet
13 Victim (She Lives In A Grave)
14 Near Encounters With 5th Measure
15 Aliens
Night Birds Records
A1 Минулі Дні = Days That Passed
A2 Далекий Крик Журавлів = Distant Cries Of Cranes
A3 Декаданс = Decadence
B1 Ars Poetica
B2 Все, Що Не Сказано Раніше = Everything Unsaid Before
B3 Вдовина Скорбота = Widow's Grief
WTP Blitz 06
Capricornus Sun Wheel On The Helmet Of Steel
Capricornus War And Courage
Capricornus When The Hell Is Full
Capricornus Fenrir Unleashed (Instr.)
Der Stürmer Sons Of Thunder
Der Stürmer Revenge Burns Eternal
Der Stürmer Bis In Den Tod!
Der Stürmer The Nailbomber
Der Stürmer H.H.!
A1 Intro: RåV RedaF
A2 Himneskir Fatækir
A3 V.d.O.
A4 Ode To Darkness
Side Armageddon
A1 My Journeys Under The Battlemoon
A2 Thy Deviant
A3 Spellbound
Side Blasphemy
B1 Chi No Namida
B2 0373
B3 The Witch Of My Heart
B4 Magick Fire
A1 Intro
A2 Satan's Werewolf
A3 Vampires
A4 Warmaster Returns
B1 One Shining Star
B2 Bestial Darkness
B3 Rotting Raven's Blood
B4 Utug-Hul
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