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A1 The Starlight Altar
A2 Rosary Of Midnights
A3 Flesh Once Divided
B1 In Blood Wisdom
B2 With Determined Steps
B3 Path Of Ordeal
1 The Starlight Altar
2 Rosary Of Midnights
3 Flesh Once Divided
4 In Blood Wisdom
5 With Determined Steps
6 Path Of Ordeal
A1 Obstructed Paths
A2 Diabolopathia
A3 Gathering Wraiths
A4 Credo Sceleratum
B1 The Kingdom Of Nothing
B2 Gesticulation Of Death
B3 Purging Kremanation
1 Obstructed Paths
2 Diabolopathia
3 Gathering Wraiths
4 Credo Sceleratum
5 The Kingdom Of Nothing
6 Gesticulation Of Death
7 Purging Kremanation
A1 Protectress
A1 Protectress
A3 Pilgrimage
A4 Quietude
B1 Wayfarer
B2 Adytum
B3 Totems
1 A Cold Whisper Behind The Cosmos
2 The Sacred Abyss... (...Of Thelemic Mysteries)
3 Laugh Close to Me, at Your Creation
4 Illusion of Pan (The Spirit of the Woods)
5 Laments of Mystic Lands
6 Be Thou Damned Forever
7 In Darkness We Will Forever Be...
A1 Fire Made Flesh (Dextral Tine)
A2 Flesh Made Holy (Sinistral Tine)
A3 An Immortal Union (Middle Tine)
B1 The Mouth Of The Eye Opens (Vision)
B2 From The Furnace Of Words (Voice)
B3 Silence Most Sacred (Vagitus)
1 . Fire Made Flesh
2. Flesh Made Holy
3 . An Immortal Union
4 . The Mouth of the Eye Opens
5 . From the Furnace of Words
6 . Silence Most Sacred
1 . Raubritter
2 . Green Heart
3. Über Die Weiten Midgards
4. Die Rote Rune
Das Zeughaus
1 Argonnerwald
2 Trommelfeuer
3 War Es Das Wert
4 Dein Weg
5 Strangers In Our Land
6 Auf, Auf Kamerad
7 Licht Im Himmelsrot
8 Hört Auf
9 Völkermord
9 Völkermord
10 Wann Ist Es Soweit
11 Gitter Aus Stahl
12 Schwarz
13 Not Guilty
14 Bonuslied
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