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Deathlike Silence Productions ‎– anti-mosh 005
Side Hate
1 Stemmen Fra Tårnet
2 Dominus Sathanas
Side Winter
3 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
KCD 015
1. The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost
A1 Bloodforge
A2 Dispirited
A3 Throat Of Shattered Voices
B1 Hallways Of Ruin
B2 Cryptae
B3 Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens
1. Intro
2. The Loyalty for Country
3. We Chopped by Swords
4. Glory for Heroes
5. Circle of Wolves
6. Time of Revenge
7. The Song of Zarathustra
8. Outro
GSP 356
1 Winds Of Unknown Existence
2 Drown In Solitude
3 Your Waters
4 Sounds Of A Dreary Sea
5 Misery Cloaked Under Decayed Flesh
6 Of Despair And Loss
7 An Abysmal Road As Far As My Misery
8 The Depths Of Death
GSP 337
1 Pallid Coffin Spirit
2 Sermon - Threnody
3 Whom Shepherd Seeds Of Discord
4 Sermon - Dirge
5 Dismal Veil Of Nothingness
6 Semon - End
A1 Runespell– Wolfwoods
A2 Runespell– Streams Of Sorrow
A3 Runespell– Fated In Blood
B1 Forest Mysticism– Summon
B2 Forest Mysticism– Rivers Of Silver (II)
B3 Forest Mysticism– Ancient Tides Of War
A1 Structures Of Collapse
A2 Vengeance Reign
A3 Realm Of Fire
A4 Into Dust
B1 Tides Of Slidhr
B2 Shadow's Dominion
B3 Windswept Burial
1 Structures Of Collapse
2 Vengeance Reign
3 Realm Of Fire
4 Into Dust
5 Tides Of Slidhr
6 Shadow's Dominion
7 Windswept Burial
1 Siła I Walka
2 Zawsze Tutaj
3 Wschodni Wiatr
4 Won
5 Chaos
6 Nasz Honor
7 Polska
8 Krew I Honor
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